MALT 2015



Please submit your abstract before 9 March 2015.

Abstracts should be prepared as PDF files. The body text of the abstract should not exceed 400 words. The title, author names, affiliations, figure captions, and table captions are not counted. However, the entire abstract with figures and tables should fit on a single page, within the prescribed boundaries, and using the prescribed font sizes.

For convenience, a template is provided in Microsoft Word, ODF, and LaTeX formats. Other software may be used as well; you may wish to look at the PDF version of the template for guidance. When using the Word or ODF template, please make sure you use style "Normal" for the first paragraph of a section and style "No Spacing" for any following paragraph. For the text, the Times font should be used, and for everything else the Helvetica font, as detailed below.

Place the items in the following order:

  1. Title in 14pt Helvetica bold, align left. Use normal interline spacing, i.e. use a newline (shift-Enter) if line breaks need to be forced. Leave 10pt vertical space below the title.
  2. Author names in 10pt Helvetica normal, align left. Use normal interline spacing, i.e. use a newline (shift-Enter) if line breaks need to be forced. Please write out the author names in the usual way, i.e. given names and family names in full, each middle initial followed by a period. Do not mention titles such as Professor, Dr, MD, or PhD. Leave 6pt vertical space below the authors.
  3. Affiliations in 9pt Helvetica normal, align left. Use normal interline spacing, i.e. use a newline (shift-Enter) to separate affiliations. Mention institute, department when customary, municipality, state or province when customary, country. Please indicate the institution(s) where the research was done with an asterisk. Leave 10pt vertical space below the last affiliation.
  4. Body text in 10pt Times normal, left- and right-justified, with run-in section headings in 8pt Helvetica bold all-capitals. Leave three inter-word spaces behind each heading. Use sections INTRODUCTION, METHODS, RESULTS, and DISCUSSION. Leave 6pt vertical space above each section, and 3pt between paragraphs in a section.
  5. Figures and tables (optional). Place the caption below the corresponding figure or table and set it in 8pt Helvetica normal. Figures and tables should not stick out into the left or right margin, i.e. the entire figure/table area should be no wider than the text (15cm).

Don't use empty lines anywhere; vertical spacing should be implemented in the paragraph Style.


  • Left margin: 3cm
  • Top margin: 3cm
  • content width: exactly 15cm
  • content height: maximally 23cm

Please follow the above formatting guidelines closely and make sure your software embeds all used fonts in the PDF file. Please select a4 paper size when exporting your PDF.


Word/OpenOffice LaTeX

abstract submission

Please e-mail your abstract as a PDF file to and indicate whether you agree to have it published online (alternatively we will publish only the title in the online program).