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Twelfth meeting on iMaging And eLectrical Technologies

MALT 2014

April 10-13, 2014
Noordwijk / Leiden - The Netherlands

This MALT 2014 meeting has been made possible by


Fysiologic ECG Services


Hart Long Centrum Leiden


Stichting Hartsvrienden RESCAR


Maastricht Educational Cardiology Exchange Foundation


The MALT meeting is a round table conference focusing on the correlation of electrocardiography and cardiac imaging. The conference is a yearly recurring event organised by an international study group, comprising, among others, biomedical engineers and clinical and basic cardiologists and physiologists from different countries. The meeting allows to communicate the latest developments in the respective research and clinical fields. All sessions are plenary, and consist of in-depth presentations and discussions with time-slots of 30 minutes. In addition, there are a keynote lecture and a workshop.


Successful meetings have been held in several university cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lund, Aarhόs, Maastricht, Bratislava and, in 2013, in Noordwijk. In 2014 the meeting is again held in Noordwijk, close to Leiden, The Netherlands, where a century ago Einthoven, Father of Electrocardiography, did his pioneering work for which he received the 1924 Nobelprize in Physiology/Medicine.


Willem Einthoven, 1860-1927, Father of Electrocardiology


The meeting is jointly organized by the Cardiology Departments of Leiden University Medical Center and Maastricht University Medical Center.



Leiden University Medical Center                              Maastricht University Medical Center




Cover illustration of Differention 84/1, issue editors
Robert E. Poelmann and Adriana C. Gittenberger - De Groot


Welcome - Leiden University Medical Center

04:00 PM    Starting 04:00 PM, students receive you in the Central Hall of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC); you can leave your luggage there
06:00 PM    Walk to the restaurant for diner, walk back to the LUMC
08:00 PM    Lecture: "Heart matters: from bench to bedside" by prof. Adriana Gittenberger - De Groot
09:30 PM    Travel to Hotel "De Witte Raaf" by bus


08:30 AM    Opening address (Cees Swenne, Ton Gorgels), announcement of the Young Investigators Competition, YIC (Arie Maan)

Session 1

A. Ischemia, infarction, sudden death; chairpersons Michael Ringborn & Lia Bang

08:45 AM    Esben Carlsen [Abstract, YIC]: Capability of the criteria in the Sclarovsky-Birnbaum Ischemia Grading System to reflect the severity of myocardial ischemia – A study design
09:15 AM    Stephen Norda [Abstract, YIC]: Electrocardiographic prediction of extensive lateral involvement in acute non-anterior wall myocardial infarction
09:45 AM    Fabienne Vervaat [Abstract, YIC]: Is it possible to differentiate between Takotsubo cardiomyopathy and acute anterior ST-elevation myocardial infarction in patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome using ST-segment based ECG-characteristics?
10:15 AM    Break
10:45 AM    Marten van den Berg [Abstract, YIC]: Electrocardiographic determinants of sudden cardiac death
11:15 AM    Nienke Hoogkamp [Abstract, YIC]: Analysis of AED registrations in the Heart for Limburg resuscitation study

B. Keynote; chairperson Cees Swenne

11:45 AM    Jan Kors [ ]: Lead transformations
12:30 AM    Luncheon break

Session 2

A. Resynchronization; chairpersons Frits Prinzen & Joe Kisslo

01:30 PM    Martin Ugander [Abstract]: Understanding dyssynchrony - LBBB, CRT, TAVR, ECG, MRI & Echo
02:00 PM    Elien Engels [Abstract, YIC]: T-wave area as an additional predictor of response to cardiac resynchronization therapy
02:30 PM    Niels Risum [Abstract]: You cannot fix it if it is not there - Left bundle branch block by echocardiography
03:00 PM    Break
03.30 PM    Robbert Zusterzeel [Abstract, YIC]: Bundle branch block and benefit from cardiac resynchronization therapy

B. ECG/VCG Analysis Tools 1; chairperson Jocelyne Fayn

04:00 PM    Sum-Che Man [Abstract]: LEADS, a research-oriented calipers program for computer-assisted vectorcardiography-based ECG analysis

C. Serial ECG Analysis for the detection of acute ischemia; chairperson Jocelyne Fayn

04:30 PM    Roderick Treskes [ ]: Serial ECG analysis in ischemia detection – General introduction
04:50 PM    Roderick Treskes [Abstract, YIC]: Reproducibility of ST- and ventricular gradient vectors
05:10 PM    Marjolein de Jongh [Abstract, YIC]: Changes in the ST- and ventricular gradient vectors over a period of 20 years

D. Network meeting / International Exchange and Coaching (University without Walls)

05:30 PM    Cruquius Exchange Meeting of Young Investigators and Coaches
07:30 PM    Meal

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Session 3

A. Mapping & Modelling; chairpersons Ljuba Bacharova & Mark Potse

08:30 AM    Jana Svehlikova [Abstract]: Changes in integral body surface potential maps during stress tests in healthy subjects
09:00 AM    Jannike Nickander [Abstract, YIC]: Synthetic scar imaging by T1 mapping cardiovascular magnetic resonance
09:30 AM    Uyen Chau Nguyen [Abstract, YIC]: In-silico analysis of heart position and orientation on the 12-lead ECG in a patient with left bundle branch block
10:00 AM    Break

B. Novel techniques to identify high risk and outcomes in acute coronary syndromes; chairpersons Lilliane Wecke & Pieter Postema

10:45 AM    Martijn Smulders [Abstract, YIC]: Non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome (CARMENTA study)

C. Varia; chairpersons Lilliane Wecke & Pieter Postema

11:15 AM    Ljuba Bacharova: Digitization of the ICE and ISCE proceedings

D. ECG/VCG Analysis Tools 2; chairperson Jocelyne Fayne

11:30 AM    Arie Maan [Abstract]: STEVI, an ECG viewer for the STAFF database
12.00 AM    Luncheon break

Session 4

A. Ischemic ECG patterns; chairperson Ton Gorgels

01:30 PM    Adriaan van Oosterom [Abstract]: Workshop Simulation of ischemic ECGs with ECGSIM (expected presence 40: activist 17 / passivist 16 / noreply 7).
03.30 PM    Break

B. Varia; chairpersons Galen Wagner & Ton Gorgels & Cees Swenne

04.15 PM    Arie Maan: Presentation of the Young Investigators Award
04:30 PM    Evaluation of the meeting, preview of MALT 2015, closure of MALT 2014
04:45 PM    Time for project meetings
07.30 PM    Meal






The meeting is held in Hotel De Witte Raaf in Noordwijk, close to Leiden. The hotel has free fast wireless internet.

For those travelling to Leiden to attend the Welcome in Leiden on Thursday, April 10. Leiden University Medical Center is next to Leiden Central Station. Travelling from Schiphol Airport takes about 20 minutes and costs about 6 € (train) or 40-60 € (taxi). When you arrive early, you can store you luggage in a locker in Leiden Central Station. Consult the website of the Leiden University Medical Center if you travel by car.


For those travelling directly to Hotel De Witte Raaf. A taxi ride from Schiphol Airport takes about 20 minutes and costs about 40-60 €. Alternatively, you can travel by train from Schiphol to Voorhout (40 minutes, change trains in Leiden Central Station, costs about 7 €) and use the shuttle-bus of the hotel (10 €). Arrange this in advance with the hotel!


General. Consult 9292.nl to plan any public transport travel in the Netherlands (train, bus, boat).






The 2014 MALT meeting is jointly organized by the Cardiology Departments of the Maastricht and Leiden University Hospitals:


Prof. Anton P.M. Gorgels, MD, Cardiology Department, Maastricht University Medical Centre, Chairman Program Committee
Cees A. Swenne, PhD, Associate Professor, Cardiology Department, Leiden University Medical Centre, Chairman Local Organizing Committee

Arie C. Maan, PhD, Head, LUMC ECG Service Center, Cardiology Department, Leiden University Medical Center

Sum-Che Man, PhD student, Cardiology Department, Leiden University Medical Center
C. Cato ter Haar, Student Member, Cardiology Department, Leiden University Medical Center
Mathee Swenne, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Central Coordination of the MALT meetings:


Galen S. Wagner, MD, Duke Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Duke University, Durham, NC
Kathy Shuping, Duke Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Duke University, Durham, NC



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