MALT 2013 Time Tables

Boerhaave event, Thursday, April 25, 2013

18:00 Departure from LUMC, walk to Cafe Van der Werf
18:15 Survival consumptions
18:45 Departure, walk to Boerhaave Museum
19:00 Visit Boerhave Museum
20:00 Departure, walk to Cafe-Diner De Grote Beer
20:15 Arrival
20:30 Diner
21:15 Coffee
21:30 Walk to LUMC - Pickup luggage
22:00 Departure by bus to the hotel

Tulipmania event, Friday, April 26, 2013

17:15 Departure of the bus from the hotel, tour through the flower fields
18:00 Arrival at the bulb farm, snacks and drinks
18:30 Tulipmania lecture by Arie Maan
19:00 Show around inside and outside by Stan van der Vlugt
19:45 Warm buffet
21:00 Coffee
21:30 Departure by bus to the hotel

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